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Plan Ahead

.We've had a few unexpected deaths at our Post lately. This brought up the realization many people don't plan ahead for the unexpected. Thankfully, the Internet has a lot of resources available. The below information was collected by browsing around the Internet. This information is provided as a courtesy and as a starting point for planning ahead. Always seek professional advice from competent legal professionals.


Info To Assemble Before Death (Word document)

Instructions Concerning My Funeral and Burial Arrangements (.PDF document)

Confidential Questionnaire - The Basics (.PDF document)

Beginning Your Work With Financial Advisors - Basic Questions (.PDF document)

Consumer Workbook - FANTASTIC RESOURCE!!! (.PDF document)

Document Assembly Checklist (Word document)

Estate Planning Questionnaire - VERY Good!!! (.PDF document)

Family Monthly Budget Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)

Insurance Inventory (Word document)

Personal Financial Statement - VERY Good!!! (Word document)

Texas Statutory Durable Power Of Attorney (Word document)

Texas Advance Directive - Planning for Important Healthcare Decisions (.PDF document)

Texas Statutory Advance Medical Directive (Word document)

Texas Statutory Medical Power Of Attorney (Word document)

Your Total Financial Picture (.PDF document)




After Death Planning Guide (.PDF document)

Things to do When a Person Dies (.PDF document)



Helpful Websites

Funerals: A Consumer Guide - From the Federal Trade Commission

What to Do When Someone Dies – From the Colorado Bar Association